Headlight Restoration

  • Headlight units on modern cars are constructed with plastic lenses, which are safer and cheaper than glass which was used previously, but over time the outer layer of the plastic can destabilise and oxidise due to UV light and is accelerated by heat and light from the headlight bulbs themselves. This results in yellow or cloudy headlights which reduces the light transmission, therefore reducing their safety and effectiveness during night driving. Once the light transmission gets too low this results in an MOT failure. When the plastic lenses have deteriorated, there are two solutions – replace the unit for a new one from the manufacturer, which can be very costly, or restore them by removing the oxidised layer on the top of the plastic to reveal the healthy plastic underneath through careful wet sanding followed by machine polishing to a sharp and clear finish.
    Once the restoration process has been completed by Perfectly Polished, a ceramic sealant is applied which protects the plastic for approximately 2 years to ensure clear and optimum vision at night for a considerable time after the restoration is completed. Surrounding paintwork is masked off and protected with waterproof and low-tack tape throughout the process to keep all restoration and polishing work isolated to the headlight unit.


  • Car washed with our standard Safe Wash procedure
  • Surrounding paintwork protected
  • Headlight lens restored and polished to clear finish
  • Long-term sealant applied for approx. 2 years+ of protection
  • Restores effectiveness of headlights
  • Huge aesthetic improvement to front end of the car
  • Avoid a possible MOT failure


  • Price per light£40
  • Pair of Lights£60

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