Deluxe Valet

A mid range valet for a balanced budget

A Deluxe Valet is an expansion on the Classic Valet. As well as the cleaning of the exterior surfaces and vacuuming of the interior, the exterior will also benefit from application of a hand polish to the paintwork, and the door shut areas will be cleaned of dirt build-up. Exterior plastic surfaces are dressed to restore them to their former black colour, and interior plastics are cleaned and dressed to enhance their appearance. A selection of matte finish and low shine products are available to cater for personal preference. An air freshener completes the valet, again with a choice of fragrance.

Discounted rates are available on a Classic Valet when booked for the same car within 6 weeks of the Deluxe Valet.

  • Wheels and tyres cleaned
  • Vehicle body washed and dried
  • Tar deposits removed
  • Door and boot shuts cleaned
  • Windows cleaned inside and outside
  • Paintwork hand polished
  • Plastic trim pieces and tyres dressed
  • Interior dusted and vacuumed
  • Interior surfaces cleaned and dressed
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