Exterior Protection Valet

Treatment and protection for all exterior surfaces

Our Exterior Protection Valet is designed for vehicles that require a thorough clean of the exterior surfaces and a long lasting protection applied. The process is started with a wash and dry, including a clean of the door shuts, completed with a clean of the wheels and tyres. To improve clarity of the paintwork, the vehicle is polished after tar and iron fallout deposits are removed. Following the decontamination and polishing process a hard-wearing wax is applied to protect the paint finish from contaminants and traffic film. Finally, the windows are cleaned and prepared to have a specialist coating applied which allows water to roll off of the glass and aid de-icing, and trim pieces are polished or dressed as appropriate.

  • Wheels and tyres cleaned
  • Vehicle body washed and dried
  • Door and boot shuts cleaned
  • Tar and iron fallout deposits removed
  • Paintwork hand polished to add gloss and shine
  • Paintwork hand waxed for protection
  • Wheels sealed and protected
  • Windows cleaned and water repellent coating applied
  • Tyres and plastic trims dressed
  • Metal trim pieces polished
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