Paintwork Enhancement

Restore gloss with swirl mark removal

If it is not cared for properly, over time paintwork can gather scratches and marks. When the paint has lots of light scratches, these are easily visible in sunlight and have the effect of dulling the colour of the paint by interfering with light transmission and reflection. These marks often appear circular when seen with a strong light source, which is why they are known as swirl marks, but are actually made up of hundreds of small scratches in every direction. The swirl marks along with other paint defects such as holograms, buffer trails, and wash marring, can be removed by way of machine polishing. Machine polishing is more intensive than hand polishing as it uses abrasive polishes to remove a tiny amount of the paintwork, thereby removing the paint defects by polishing away the damaged layer. What is left behind is a greatly enhanced, clearer paint, which shows its true colour.

A Paintwork Enhancement comprises of cleaning the car’s exterior and then preparing the paint for machine polishing by removing any bonded contamination, which would cause damage if polished over, and then a single stage of machine polishing is carried out to remove defects and leave a glossy surface ready to be protected with a wax.

Before the polishing commences, the depth of the paint is measured to ensure that it is safe to polish out the defects without leaving paint too thin, which could cause failure later in its life and restrict the possibility of any future polishing. For this reason not 100% of the defects may be removed from the paint as it may not be safe to do so, or they may require additional work such as filling in with paint if a scratch is too deep to safely remove. But what can be assured is a greatly enhanced depth of colour and shine.

  • Wheels and tyres cleaned
  • Vehicle washed and dried
  • Paintwork decontaminated
  • Single stage of machine polishing
  • Paintwork hand waxed
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